His Ranch Missions Food Pantry

Food PantryOur Food Pantry is designed to have staples available for those in need. Our goal is to help the “Working Poor”; those who are not able to qualify or only qualify for very little aid. Many have been laid off of work and have kids to feed. They may be people who have a mortgage or rent and suddenly, have lost their job. They are in jeaprody of loosing all. They are also those young adults that are only making minimum wage or may be single parents. They may still be at the poverty line and need some assistance. There is a lot of aid for the homeless, but not for those that WANT TO WORK. Most of the time, they do not qualify for food stamps. Those that do qualify are not able to purchase toiletries, laundry soap, medicines, etc.

We have on hand cans of staples, cereal, rice, beans, noodles, powdered milk, etc. Nutritious food that is easily stored. We do have beef and give hamburger as we can. When holidays come, we stock up the freezer with chickens, small turkeys and ham in addition to what has been donated.

When we give food boxes, they include these staples and a $25 – $50 Gift Card to a local grocery store to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables. We try to have toiletries, laundry soap, diapers and pet food also.

Please consider donating to our Food Pantry! There is a never ending need. In addition to cash, we will also consider receiving Gift Cards and paper goods. We can always use ziplock bags for breaking down 50lb bags of beans and rice. These staples are purchased in bulk at Costco, Winco and Cash and Carry as they are on sale. We coupon! YAY! Actually, speaking of coupons, I’ll take your coupons too!

One more need I would like to mention is shelving. We are beginning to purchase Seville Shelving. This is the Walmart link to the size we need:

wall_shelf_unitWall Unit: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Seville-Classics-Heavy-Duty-5-Tier-Chrome-Wire-Shelving-with-Wheels-60-x-24-x-76/15409069

The Cost on 5-7-13 is $202.54.




Corner Unit: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Seville-Classics-Chrome-Wire-Steel-5-Tier-Corner-Shelf/2161839

The Cost on 5-7-13 is $139.99

May the Lord richly bless you as you help with this project. As you sow into our ministry, you will reap from the Father back into you own lives. And…It is REALLY fun to see the faces of those that were hopeless receive hope and relief of worry about what they will give the kids to eat.

If you live in an area that is outside of our immediate area, send me an email. We can talk about how you can donated food to those in your area.

Donate to Our Food Pantry

Thank You!

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